Howdy Games

What are the Howdy Games?

We are trying to build a gamified farming ecosystem, a fun and enjoyable on-chain version of a Farming Game in the Metaverse.
There are different things that you can do at the Howdy Games to make the most use of your NFT. Start staking, breeding, and playing games to earn $POTATO, collect different characters & more!
We are building out many different minigames, where you can not only win by putting in your time, but you can also just bet your $POTATO in one of our "Casino"-Games.
Many more locations, characters and games are being developed and will be launched in the future!
Good to know: The Howdy Games is the P2E aspect of HFC, exploring to gamify the metaverse experience for Farmers.

Meet our main characters


Farm Girl.


More animals are coming soon.


Visit the Howdy Games Map and check our fun locations! New locations are added frequently.

Important Mechanics

Stake your NFTs

Breed new NFTs

Play & earn with your NFTS

More than P2E

We are building more than the Howdy Games. Even though the Howdy Games are a very big aspect of HFC, there is more than the gamified world of Farming in the Metaverse.
HFC is a community for honest farmers inside the metaverse, and outside! We have a 160k square ft. (15k mยฒ) IRL farm in the Phillipines and are not only planting trees & food, but are also home to chickens, goats & more!
There are multiple Community Events happening every week! Join our Discord, participate in one of the games, win cool prizes from time to time and engage with our amazing community.
Let the Howdy Games begin!
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