🛣️What is next?

There's still a lot more to BUIDL at the Farm!

More minigames

You can expect to see more play-and-earn & Casino Games in the future.

  • Claw Machine

  • Color Game

  • Slot Machine

  • Mini Golf

  • Wolf Game

Good to know: We are exploring different game options, payouts and possibilities of you winning. There may be more skill-based minigames coming in the future as well, probably without rewards to begin with.

Howdy Marketplace

A dedicated marketplace to buy Honest Farmer Club-related NFTs such as Farmer, Farm Girl, Chickens, Pigs and so on.

Main currency to buy and sell will be $POTATO.

Digital Billboards and Ads

We believe that we should harness and take advantage of the widely used income generation of the traditional web which is cross-promotions and advertisements. Aside from that, we firmly believe that tokens like $POTATO should not be minted out of thin air. There should be an exchange of value for every minted token.

We are now experimenting on how to make ads work and profitable but wouldn't be quite annoying for the general user experiences while playing your favorite HFC games.

This will also help us sustain, buy back the value of $POTATO and increase the liquidity provided by the team.

LP, LP Farming and $POTATO Staking

Many are patiently waiting for the LP, so we can finally trade $POTATO on a decentralized exchange.

As soon as we implement LP Farming and $POTATO Staking with rewards at Honest Farmer Club, this provides an incentive for people to provide liquidity and stake their tokens.

Timing & balance of the system is very important. The LP will be launched when the time is ready. The market in general has to act accordingly as well.


Send your farmers and farm girls on different adventures & get different rewards for doing so.

These rewards can be in-game assets like apples, carrots or fish. The exact mechanics for this will be announced soon.

There are some very interesting mechanics coming along with the adventures. More details on the adventures are slowly being released after the Chicken Fights are up & running.

Howdy Museum

The Howdy Museum is very unique & brings a lot of value to Honest Farmer Club. Not only does it provide a more fun of minting new NFTs, it also gives artists the chance to show their artworks & get rewarded doing so.

It gives our community the possibility to have their artwork featured on one of our weekly/monthly auctions, where others can bid on exclusive & selected pieces.

Some of them may have unique utitily along the road? Maybe some of them can be staked or used for different other advantages?

$POTATO will be the main token used to bid on artworks.

The revenue will be split between the artist, HFC & the community. More information about the whole mechanics and more detailed numbers about the Howdy Museum are coming at a later point.

Honest Baby NFT and its Mobile Gameplay

More info soon.

Mutant Farmer NFT

More info soon.

Land Sale and its utilities

More info soon.

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