🔎Post-mint Transparency

Post-mint Expenses from the NFT Sales

360,000 $MATIC Sales Breakdown:

40,000 MATIC = Original planned for LP

25,000 MATIC = To buy the IRL 1.5 Hectare Farm in the Philippines, the initial animals like pigs, chickens and goats and Charity

25,000 MATIC = Giveaways

50,000 MATIC = Premint costs & Marketing

90,000 MATIC = 3 Founders

~12,000 MATIC (7k USDT @ 0.58 per MATIC) = Rarity Sniper

~111,000 MATIC = Team Salaries (13-16 people): ~4,500-8,000 USDT/month for 10 months until December (it increased as we onboarded more people)

~7,000 MATIC = Howdyversary

Now we got another 20,000 MATIC from the initial 40,000 MATIC LP above so we can work for another 2-3 months before we roll out the cross-promotion revenue stream and The Howdy Studios; that's why only 20,000 MATIC will be provided for LP.

Since August 2022, the founders have transitioned everything (smart contracts, remaining funds, management, etc.) to CrypTopeng to fully operate Honest Farmer Club as its CEO.

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