🎟️Honest Raffle

Test your luck and get a chance to hit the $POTATO jackpot prize!

Feeling lucky? Try out the Honest Raffle - an onchain lottery game inside the Farm!

1 raffle entry costs 25 $POTATO. Buy as much entry as you want.

There's only a 20% chance that a raffle ticket will win. On the days that no one wins, the prize pool gets bigger as it is carried over to the next day.

Winners are drawn daily at exactly 10:00 PM PHT (UTC+8) and ticket entries are reset at the same time.

Prize pool is still taxed by 30% and are all burned once a winner has been determined. The taxed total amount is then transferred to the winner.

Special Mechanics

Every Saturday at 6:00 PM PHT (UTC+8), there will be special transfers from the tax wallet into the Honest Raffle wallet.

1% of the total balance of the tax wallet will be transferred to the total prize pool.

(e.g. tax wallet has 400,000 $POTATO, that means 4,000 $POTATO will be transferred from tax wallet into the Honest Raffle wallet as additional Prize Pool!)

Isn't it exciting? Are you ready to win the jackpot?!

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