🏁Race Track

3000 pigs running around the Race Track.

This is the Farm's take on an off-chain play-and-earn game which means no more gas fees!

Different Modes

Resting Mode

If your pig is in resting mode, it is still on your wallet (on-chain) and can be transferred or sold at marketplaces.

Racing Mode

If your pig is in racing mode, it is already off-chain and it is on our racing game contract for you to play it without gas fees!

Renting Mode

If your pig is in renting mode, it means you rented it to a scholar for them to play your pigs. This allows the owner to set a specific percentage of profits to the scholar/renter. Rewards will be distributed automatically between the owner and renter every after race.

PvE Races

All races are player vs. environment.

The player will have to select among 5 colors of pigs that he/she thinks will win the race. Make sure that the pig is in racing mode.

If your selected pig wins, you can go ahead and claim your $POTATO winnings! As easy as that!

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