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Farm Ecosystem - Locations


You can stake your Farmer and Farm Girl here:
You can claim your $POTATO staking rewards here:
If you provided Liquidity for $POTATO/$MATIC pair, you can stake them to earn more $POTATO and participate in our leaderboards to win random rewards and airdrops:
Lock $POTATO and earn more juicy $POTATO!
You can buy a wedding ring to marry your Farm Girl here:
Use the wedding ring and marry the wife of your dreams here:
You can breed animals here:
Represent us outside of the metaverse and check out our Merch here:
Take your chances to win the jackpot here:
Elsie or Bruno? Bet who milks it faster here:
Feeling lucky? Try it out here:
You can claim different $POTATO airdrops from time to time here:
Let your chickens fight and earn $POTATO here:
Get ready to race your pigs and earn $POTATO here:
There are new locations coming up all the time! Some locations may be edited, renamed or removed.
Last modified 11mo ago