3000 Genesis Farmers



Farmers don't sleep, we stake!

Make your farmers do the work at the Farm by staking them and earn 10 $POTATO daily. Stake & unstake whenever you want, no locking!

Remember: There is a 20% tax when claiming your $POTATO at the Tractor.


  • Discounts on more farm-themed NFT collections like Farm Girls, Pigs, Chickens, etc. at Barn

  • Huge discounts on Farm Lands: an NFT with tax-sharing utility from all the ecosystem's tax model

  • Earn other tokenized currencies aside from $POTATO in Adventures location - which will be used for Honest Baby Mobile Gameplay

  • Earn $POTATO while learning at the Honest School

  • Rights to vote at the Honest Court as a DAO

  • Free spin at the Wheel of Fortune

  • Exclusive discord channel

  • Exclusive alpha calls

  • Exclusive whitelist giveaways

  • Exclusive giveaways

  • Exclusive partnership perks, benefits and discounts

For Holders with 5+ Genesis Farmer NFTs

  • Exclusive discord channel

  • Early ecosystem updates

  • Free merch bundle for High Rollers (holds 5+ farmers) - to be discussed

There's still a lot more perks & utilities to come for our Honest Farmers. Stay tuned!

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