Your characters may receive $POTATO rewards by staking, farming or playing minigames.
$POTATO is the governance and utility token for the HFC ecosystem.
HFC features a variety of different characters, each with their own advantages, use-cases & rewards.
Stake, gamble or play your characters to receive $POTATO, which you can use to mint future characters, drops, upgrades & more!


Farmer 10 $POTATO daily (-20% tax) Staking rewards
Farm Girl 5 $POTATO daily (-20% tax) Staking rewards
Chicken 6-8 $POTATO daily P2E rewards
Pig 6-8 $POTATO daily P2E rewards

Important: The rewards are calculated in blocks, not actual time.

Every 432 blocks, you can claim 0.1 $POTATO for every Farmer. Every 432 blocks, you can claim 0.05 $POTATO for every Farm Girl.
1 block is about 2 seconds. Since block times are slightly higher recently, this results in slightly less $POTATO that you gather daily. This is the same for everyone, you are not the only one getting less rewards sometimes.
As more characters are introduced, this section will be updated. The exact rewards for cows and other characters will be disclosed at a later point.
CONTRACT: 0x16452d3ee6141Db1095E50418bC437530F63B36c LP TOKEN: 0xAF4Eb70922D2c2c91576F6CF094ebA377bB986A7 LP LOCK: https://www.pinksale.finance/pinklock/detail/0xAF4Eb70922D2c2c91576F6CF094ebA377bB986A7?chain=Matic


Team (Vested for 2 years): 0x6c9a0d8b1c7a95a323d744de30cf027694710633
Marketing, Giveaway and Airdrop Wallet: 0xe49bf7b58394432d76098ea176a87d2f2face6a0
  • The deployer wallet contains the 2 million tokens pending for the investors until end of Q1 2023. If no investor comes in, the tokens will be repurposed for marketing expenses and airdrops/giveaways, and will be transferred to the Giveaway and Airdrop Wallet by the start of Q2 2023 to be used for the entire roadmap.

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