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Meet the Honest Builders


Jack the Farmer - Art Director
John the Farmer - Brand & Community
Mastermice - GameFi Developer


CrypTopeng - Chief Executive Officer, Lead Developer Twitter | LinkedIn CrypTopeng is a Lead Software Engineer that also led multiple startup companies in terms of technology and innovation in the past 8 years. Partnered with multiple Web3 projects as their ambassador and advisor. CrypTopeng is also a Peer Mentor at Metacrafters, guiding and onboarding the next million Web3 developers through a learn-and-earn protocol. Theo started investing in crypto since 2017.
Twopaps - Chief Product Officer Twitter | LinkedIn Twopaps has over 9 years of experience working in Product Management and Financial Services for various industries. While he was a previous leader of Product Management in SCI Ventures and Webb Fontaine, Twopaps currently works as the Product Head of Cryptocurrency at GCash, where he leads multiple cross-functional teams building unique Web3 products that are helping people achieve the promise of democratized finance.
Chaz - Chief Creative Officer Twitter | LinkedIn A nine-to-fiver in the Architecture Industry for 6+ years. Somehow managed an unassisted touchdown on web3 in 2022 and is now creating and flipping jpegs for a living.
Nath - Chief Marketing Officer Twitter A marketing graduate and a successful owner of multiple food and beverages businesses with a passion peoples management and community building. NFT enthusiast since early 2021.

Team Members

Beng - Advisor
hv_stle - Blockchain Developer
Binz - Frontend Developer
CarnagexD - Fullstack Developer
Bones - Head Moderator
kish - Social Media Manager