🏟️Chicken Arena

3000 chickens fighting at the Arena.

1v1 PvE Fights

Both chickens start with 100 HP. There will be 5-6 different attacks to choose from. The damage can reach between 20-100.

Any game could theoretically be over after 1 attack, the maximum amount of rounds is 5.


Every chicken has a maximum of 24 Energy available. Each game played will use 1 of your Energy. You will recharge 1 Energy every hour, until you are at 24 again.


The outcome of the game is generated randomly on-chain, powered by Chainlink VRF. The higher the Level of your chicken, the higher your prizes and chances of success! At the very start your average winning percentage will be around 70%, if your chicken is Level 10, you can not only improve the possible $POTATO prizes, but also upgrade your winning percentage to about 80%.


Depending on your Level you will have different prizes. At the beginning you will only win about 70% of your games with the highest prize being 0.5 $POTATO per game. Later on your winning chances climb to 80% and you can win up to 1 $POTATO per game.

Your average $POTATO rewards will range from 6 $POTATO at Level 0, to almost 8 $POTATO at Level 10. Please check the table above.

The $POTATO rewards can vary. Your rewards may be higher on one day, and lower on the next day. These are average numbers, if played hundreds and thousands of times.

Scholarship System

No time to play with your chickens? No problem!

As owner of chickens, you are able to rent out your chickens to scholars/renters and let them play with it.

Set the wallet address of the renter, the percentage of your rewards and rent it out.

Rewards will automatically be deposited to the owner and renter after every successful game.

Please do note the chicken fights is an on-chain game that will require gas fees on every game.

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