3000 chicken NFTs

Mint your own chickens.

If you haven't already, head over to the Barn and mint your own chicken. The mint price depends on which NFTs you have:



Evolve your chicken.

There are 10 different Levels. As soon as the color of your chicken changes, your rewards and possibilities of winning are upgraded as well.

There will be 6 different colors of chickens, each one having its own improved rewards. While your white chicken earns 6 $POTATO in average, your purple chicken averages around 7.92 $POTATO daily.

Reach MAX LEVEL with your chicken to mint a UNIQUE chicken

If your chicken reaches the maximum level, you will have the possibility to mint a unique chicken with different traits & features. We will keep more details as a secret for now, some 1 of 1 chickens are waiting as well.

This way we want to reward the most active players, give incentives to play the game and make unique chickens feel deserved and special.

Levels, Colors & Rewards

Depending on your Level you will have different prizes. While prizes & win chances are lower at the start, they will improve over time:

The higher your Level the higher your winning chances and rewards.

Your average $POTATO rewards will range from 6 $POTATO at Level 0, to almost 8 $POTATO at Level 10. Please check the table above.

The $POTATO rewards can vary for every individual. Your personal rewards may be higher on one day, and lower on the next day. These are average numbers, if played hundreds and thousands of times.

How to get to the next Level

You can level up by playing the game. Reaching the next level will get harder with every level. While reaching Level 1 will take 50 games, reaching Level 2 will take 100..., up to 500 games for Level 10.

Level 1 - 50 games Level 2 - 100 games Level 3 - 150 games ... Level 10 - 500 games

You can reach the maximum level after 230 days.


Every chicken has a maximum of 12 Energy available. Each game played will use 1 of your Energy. You will recharge 1 Energy every 2 hours, until you max out at 12.

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