You can stake your Farmer (& Farm Girl) to earn $POTATO. Farmers & Farm Girls have different staking mechanics & rewards:
Farm Girl
10-15 $POTATO
3 staking options
No options
20% tax
0% tax

No reason not to stake your farmer.

You will still be able to do all in-game activities, breed different characters & more. There is no reason not to stake your Farmer.

Staking vs. Locking

There are 3 different options to stake your Farmer:

Regular Staking

Unstake/withdraw your farmer at any time. 10 $POTATO daily.

Lock 50 days

You can withdraw your farmer after 50 days. 12 $POTATO daily.
Lock 100 days
You can unstake your farmer after 100 days. 15 $POTATO daily.

Important: The rewards are calculated in blocks, not actual time.

Every 432 blocks, you can claim 0.1 $POTATO for every Farmer. Every 432 blocks, you can claim 0.05 $POTATO for every Farm Girl.
1 block is about 2 seconds. Since blocktimes are slightly higher recently, this results in slightly less $POTATO that you gather daily. This is the same for everyone, you are not the only one getting less rewards sometimes.
There is a 20% tax when claiming your staking rewards for farmers. These are used for bounties, in-game rewards, liquidity, burning, development and more!

You can also stake your Farm Girl

There is no locking options for your Farm Girl. You can stake & unstake your Farm Girl at any time & receive 5 $POTATO daily for your help on the Farm.
You dont have to pay any taxes to claim the rewards for your Farm Girl.
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No reason not to stake your farmer.
Staking vs. Locking
You can also stake your Farm Girl